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This section contains some work done for the Bland & Altman test and other things.
## Downloading the Appsthetics Dataset
## Reading more about and Downloading the Appsthetics Dataset
* [You can access the dataset homepage from this link here](
* [You can download the full dataset, organized into two main folders: classification and regression, from this link here](
## Citing this work
author = {Heiderscheidt Martins, O. and Gresse von Wangenheim, C. and von Wangenheim, A.},
title = {User Interfaces Dataset for the Automated Assessment of Visual Aesthetics of Mobile User Interfaces with Deep Learning},
year = {2019},
publisher = {GQS/INCoD/UFSC},
journal = {INCoD Datasets Repository},
howpublished = {\url{}}
**Keywords**: Aesthetics, Mobile application, Android, Deep learning, Visual design
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